St Luke's Primary

Our Vision & Values

Guided by the wisdom of God, through the teachings of Jesus, and by the power of the Holy Spirit; we work together at St. Luke’s to provide aspirational approaches to learning, so that all will flourish and reach their God given potential.

Celebrating our differences and respecting each other we grow together as a Christian family.


How was our vision crafted and how does it support the life of the school?

All stakeholders were involved in the revision and re-wording of our vision during Autumn 2018 and into Spring of 2019.

-We explored our school as a Church school and our place within our community.

-We examined our links to our Parish Church and the relationships which exist.

-We considered our school, our catchment and our demographics and the needs of our community.

-We considered the importance we place upon the Trinitarian nature of our faith.

-We considered the importance that our vision is 'lived out' and not simply 'laminated'

-We sought to craft a vision which was theologically based and supported the aspirational nature of our high performing school.

-We wanted a vision to give opportunity for celebration, respect and inclusivity.

-We wanted to hold our theological rooted vision at the centre of our work.


Our 'TORCHES' Values

We are committed to developing children within a secure, happy and caring Christian community.

There is a commitment to excellence which ensures everyone achieves their full personal, social and academic potential in our culturally diverse technologically changing and often challenging world.

As a school we uphold and promote the following values:

We lead and encourage pupils to develop qualities of trust so that children interact with others in order to be co-operative and to make a positive contribution to our society.

Open Minds
We positively encourage pupils to have open minds to all aspects of their learning and to seek to ‘grow as learners’ in all areas of their life.

We encourage all members of our school community to have respect for each other and their school, learning to be tolerant and understanding of alternative lifestyles, religions and cultures.

We instill the importance of caring for each other, offering support and genuine concern for each other’s well-being so that children develop
a strong sense of social responsibility.

At all times, we encourage and expect pupils to demonstrate qualities of honesty so that pupils appreciate the importance of truth and learn to act with integrity.

Ever Hopeful
Forever accepting that hope is something which we can all hold on to; instilling a sense of never giving up, going that extra mile and being persistent in all we do.

Demonstrating our faith, being guided by our Christian principles and having a respect for biblical and spiritual teaching.