St Luke's Primary

Support Staff


Administrative and Support Team

Office Support Manager  Mrs K Bridger
Admin Assistant  Mrs J Bradley (Clerk to Governors)
Clerical Assistant  Mrs S Brindley (ParentPay)
Crossing Patrols    Vacancy / Mr M Hawkins
IT Technician    Mr R Gannon

Kitchen Team

Catering Supervisor Mrs G Hartshorne
Catering Assistant Miss C Devey
Catering Assistant  Miss N McLaughlin
Catering Assistant   Mrs D Blundell
Catering Assistant Mrs S Hammond
Catering Assistant   Mrs V Stevens


Maintenance Team

Caretaker    Mr R Thackham
Cleaner Mrs C Rockx-Lawson
Cleaner Mrs C Burgess
Cleaner Miss K Williams
Cleaner Mrs L Chamberlain
Cleaner Mrs F Fahey