St Luke's Primary

Curriculum depth

Our Curriculum at St Luke's C of E Primary School is carefully designed, organised and planned for depth of Learning:

At St Luke's our definition of progress is the widening and deepening of essential knowledge, skills, understanding and learning behaviours. We design, organise and plan our curriculum to ensure that children are not merely covering content, but achieving a depth to their learning that enables them to use their skills and understanding in all areas of the curriculum.

Our careful curriculum planning means that we include frequent opportunities for repetition and practise to ensure that essential knowledge, understanding and skills are developed in every subject. Our design gives children time to revisit previous learning, allowing them to gradually develop a deeper understanding of the skills and processes within subjects at their own pace and in the best possible way for each individual child.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed and planned to move the children's thinking to a higher order, deep level of understanding, rather than simply acquiring facts and knowledge.

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