St Luke's Primary

All Weather Activity Area

Thanks to the determination and support of our PTFA, we hope to offer state-of-the-art facilities for all-weather activities here at St. Luke's. Our school understands the importance of sports and outdoor education, so we have a vision for an all-weather activity area that can be enjoyed rain or shine.

With our all-weather facility, pupils will engage in various sports and activities regardless of the weather conditions. Whether it's raining or sunny, our pupils can stay active and continue their education through physical exercise and outdoor play.

Providing an all-weather activity area promotes physical well-being and enhances the overall learning experience. Parents and carers can rest assured that their children are receiving a well-rounded education that includes opportunities for sport and outdoor play in any weather condition.

The canopy we are looking to fund is above. However, to provide an entire all-weather facility for our children, it will look something like the one below.


Current situation and motivation for this project.

In each PE lesson, 60 children are ready for activities. This is two classes / one-year group at any one time. When it’s raining, and the weather does not allow children to go outside, the only facility available for PE is the school hall.

The school hall can only accommodate up to 30 children at any time. This means that one class may not benefit from Physical Education that week. With this new facility, our children will never miss out on physical activity again.

The Plan & Drawing

Below is the more detailed plan outlining the positioning in relation to the outdoor classroom, the canopy itself and the enclosed area around the canopy's perimeter, and how we plan to integrate the new facilities with the current outdoor classroom.


Winter 2024

- But we need your help!

Thanks to the support of parents and careers in supporting the PTFA events run for the children of St Luke’s over the last few years, we have raised £40,000 towards this project.

However, we are still a little way off........

To realise this vision, we seek assistance, manpower, and donations from parents and the community to create this all-weather activity area.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Join us in our mission to support this project for our children!

We're seeking the help of parents, grandparents, friends, sponsors, suppliers, local companies, and ex-students. To help us fund or obtain donations for materials, loan of machinery, help with landscaping and groundwork, builders to build retaining walls, AstroTurf, suppliers and local companies who may sponsor a section of the project, plant suppliers, planning support, and local media to help raise awareness and thank our sponsors.

Ask yourself, WHO DO I KNOW, who could help with this project?

The stages involved and an update on where we are currently at:

A Big Thank You!

Neil Jones, a parent of two children at St Luke’s Primary and the director of TNA, has given us a fantastic start by agreeing to take on Stage 1 and complete all electric work for our mission at NO COST to the school or PTFA. Providing all material, labour, design work and certification

Thank You!

Also thank you to:

Please take a look over the slide below which was presented at this years PTFA AGM on Thursday 11th April for more details on what’s happening and how you can help.

Your assistance and contributions will enable us to create a space where children can play and learn regardless of the weather. By donating to this project, you are directly helping improve our students' overall experience and contribute to their physical and mental well-being.

We would appreciate any help you can provide with this initiative. Your contribution will significantly impact our students' lives, no matter how big or small. We appreciate your support in making St. Luke's Primary Cannock a better place for our children.

Take a look at our plans, and if you feel you can assist in any way—materials, finance, energy, or just your support—feel free to contact us.

For more details on this challenge, please contact:

Charlie Thompson mom of Harrison in Year 4 on

07939 279129




all weather activity area build plan april 2024.pdf